Hello world!

So I’m going to blog… And I hear the sighs and see the eyes roll as I type. I like to talk, sometimes about things, sometimes about nothing at all… So you’ve been warned!!!

Stepping into the blog world is a terrifying thing for me. What to say? I feel as if I’ve things to say, but what if really I don’t? What if it’s like Dylan Moran’s bit on potential.

Also scary is the thought – Who cares? Possibly nobody.

Along with all of these fears, I won’t bore you further with my neuroses (I might leave that for a post all of its own – lucky you :P)

So, this blog entry is sort of just an introduction/overview of what I hope to do here.

I hope to open myself up on matters of the mind, mine specifically as it’s the only one I really know that well, reflections or musings that usually pop into my head and swiftly flutter away to find a better host who will actually do something with them.

I also hope to share my experience and love of the things I love, so music, photography and food, to name a few.

It’s basically setting itself to be a bit of a mishmash of things but there’s a lot I don’t know, but one thing I do, my mind is not an organised or focused place so please Bear In Mind My Mind.

Now, off to figure out how the hell to work this site, and then figure out what to write about in future! Both as unappealing as the other!

For those who know me already, you’ll know how positive a person I am, so will come to expect this tone in my writing.